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Security Health Checks
Technical Vulnerability Assessments
Security Reviews


Security Incidents

Incident Management
Strategical and technical guidance
Memory Forensics
Log analysis


Digital Forensics

Forensic Acquisition
Data Recovery
Objective analysis
Internal investigations / Law suites
(e.g., labor law, intellectual property law, data breach, etc.)



Basics: Forensic Acquisition (1 day)
Information Security for the board (3h)
SIRT training (4 x 4h)
Security Awareness (1-3h)
Guest Lectures


Dingard AB is a Swedish based company that offers senior expert services within the field of Information Security focusing on Digital Forensics, Security Incidents and Security Awareness. We want our clients to be well prepared for future security challenges and therefore we offer different kinds of suitable training for executives, board members, law firms, software engineers and IT operation staff.

Since September 2011, we have helped companies before, during and after security incidents with guidance and digital investigation expertise. Many incidents can be prevented and we can tell you how.

To guarantee high quality in our guidance, our specialists have internationally approved certifications within Information Security (CISSP), Incident Handling (ECIH) and Digital Forensics (GCFA). Our employees have many years of experience from working with classified information.

We also conduct international assignments upon request.




Our services are requested by all kinds of organisations; small, mid-size and large companies, as well as law firms and authorities in Sweden and other countries.

Since there are a high level of secrecy and subtleness in our cases, we will not put any client's name on this web page. Please contact us and we can redirect you to one of our reference clients.


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